Personal | A Single Polar Bear on Wading River Beach

Title: Solo Polar | Location: Wading River Beach, New York | Format: Digital

Jannuzzi one of my newest friends, but he's also one of the awesome-est.  It's funny how you meet people then proceed to hang out more than you would with your own family.  During our New Year's trip, John mentioned he was going to do the Polar Bear Run.  I couldn't believe that was really going to happen.  It was so cold on that beach that hypothermia seemed instantaneous.  By now I should know, the brave (or the bat-shit crazy, or the no-F givers) will do what they want.  And so after we packed up our things, before hitting the road, Jannuzzi took to the sand and the saltwater.  This is what it looked like.  I'm sure it was a lot more painful than these photos can illustrate.  Proud to know you my friend!

John Jannuzzi is a web editor and social media kingpin at Lucky Magazine.  You can also peep his wit and humor at his tumblr called Textbook.