Video | LookBook Ep.1 Featuring Farida

A month or two ago, I filmed a mini-series called "The LookBook" for a YouTube channel.  The show was produced in collaboration between Kaleidscope Network and Bunim/Murray Productions.  For some reason, they asked me to be part of the team.

The idea was to bring street style photos to life.  We set out for three days in New York to find men and women that were unique and interesting.  It was fun to be the talent scout.  There was so much more pressure finding and wrangling someone for video.  It is a totally different experience that I never expected.  Luckily, the team was easy going and fun to work with.

I present you with episode 1 of the series I produced.  Stay tuned for many more episodes in the series.  I hope you have as much fun with it as I did.