Personal | Losing Yourself

This isn't going to be one of those posts dedicated to me getting all deep about having a challenging time keeping my head on straight....even though, these two pictures are from a point in time where my name was Professor Ham, and even without #bandz, I was trying to make everyone dance.  The reason I titled the post "Losing Yourself" was to quickly emphasize the importance of never taking things too seriously.

I won't lie, right about now in my adult life, I'm stressed on the reg.  It can be from dealing with work or the lack of dollar dollar bills in my bank account. It is what it is.  But I was flipping through some old photos from during SXSW and I couldn't help but smile with a grin lightly basted in shameful pride.  Most of my friends know the SXSW story, which is these days I'm not as embarrassed.  I'm going to avoid telling it here because it's just told more eloquently in person with a battle of accounts going back and forth between myself, Sean, and Niraj.  Trust me, it's a great tale.

My point again, is never take yourself seriously.  We live in an age where people get outraged over Instagram's "Terms of Services" more than they do over poverty. Kids are gunned down in a school, and amongst the need for total silence for lack of something adequate to say, Mike Huckabee managed to be even more idiotic than the mathematical mean of idiocy tied to the Republican party.  I mean for god's sake....people wait in line to cop Supreme.  Not to mention, why did they even make the movie "The Hobbit?"  I can't leave this out but girls worship Rihanna...I'm digging her spread in GQ, but then I remember, it's Rihanna.

A 4-star general of the United States commits adultery and we can't let it go.  We're so unaffected but so incredibly interested.  The fact that the statement preceding this sentence makes sense makes me want to beat myself. I live among kids who have no clue why things aren't the same way in Middle America as they are in New York....or to be fair, they casually forget.  We live in the most public time of our history yet we need to hide ourselves with subtle falsehoods.  There are very few people I know at that this second of my thought process that are okay just being who they are....saying what's on their mind...accepting ridicule or judgment.... We live in a world where people jump up and down to spout their social resume of being "open-minded," "will try anything once," blah blah blah....and yet....they actually are not.

I'm going to tread super lightly on this one....but, we live in a democracy here in the US that is supposed to protect the minority but hinders humanity at every turn. Religion and culture - the need to categorize and affiliate - is crushing the idea of freedom.  I joke so much about how my white friends are blacker than me....I doubt anyone is really in on the joke since it comes off so superficial, but my real under-the-surface point is the following - "Who gives a shit?" I'm all for embracing differences but not at the peril of the individual. Gay marriage should be legal in the world; not just one state at a time.  Homelessness shouldn't really exist, at least conceptually.  Health care should be universal and mandatory. Given all the dumb things we do as people, mental health should be the last thing we turn our backs on.  And, trust me, I don't like the proliferation of hand guns and other weapons in the US but don't you ever fucking forget that PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. Instead of locking petty drug offenders in prison over misdemeanors at best, how about we legalize some drugs and focus our energy on violet offenders and mentally disturbed mammals. Yes, I used the word mammal on purpose.

See how I started this whole thing with a light-hearted hook, and then dragged you down to the depths? Seriously, I'm coming back up for air.  We would care for all people, enjoy our freedoms, slow down a little bit, and pull our self-involved selves away from our iPhone screens just a little more if we STOPPED TAKING OURSELVES SO SERIOUSLY.  We live a long life, and we don't do it very efficiently. I catch flak for speaking my mind a lot, but asking me to stop is like asking me to not be me.  I have this deep down theory that Chris Black was right on his "Bigger and Blacker" DVD.  When we first meet someone we always send our representative (i.e. the most acceptable version of ourselves).  Of course, that's a metaphor, but it has merit.  If you ever meet me in person, you'll soon notice I don't even have enough money for a representative.  What you read, see, tweet, etc, is what you get.  Lose yourself a your representative....stop taking life so damn seriously...and try to be a human instead of what you've been "natured" and "nurtured" to be....the end.