Portrait | Spent Cigs

Title: “Spent Cigs” | Location: Sandbox Studios, NYC | Format: Film, 35mm

Short story: Recently, I shot an editorial at Sandbox Studios.  Part of the inspiration called for some bad ass smoking.  Neither of the models smoked, so we had to simulate it a little bit. As I've written before, I quit smoking some 30-40 weeks ago.  On the set, I was working with the model on a tightly cropped portrait.  The smoke wasn't billowing enough because she couldn't really toke it and we needed to look like she was towards the end of the smoke.  I pulled the cigarette to get it burning and make the ash stack up.  I never took the smoke into the lungs, but the residual taste was just disgusting.

Stupid analogy, but it is kind of like when you switch from long time sugar consumption into a low sugar diet.  You kind of lack that taste.  Well, horrible analogy, but in this case, the taste was jarring. It made me re-question why I even started in the first place.  It was almost a jump start, or re-ignition of the passion I have from keeping myself from going back to something I actually yearn to do.

Not going to lie, it's pretty hard not to smoke when your friends walk outside every 10 minutes for a smoke break... stay strong...