Fashion | Feeling British

This vintage car was parked at the Man of the World exhibit during Pop Up Flea 5.  I recently saw the newest installation of James Bond, and perusing a couple of magazines that had a strong inclination towards English tailoring.  I was literally talking to someone today telling them that although I don't dress the style of many at the Pop Up Flea anymore, that I still truly appreciate the varying aesthetics of the current authentic and tailored menswear trends.

When I saw this car, I couldn't help but picture the perfectly tailored suit - charcoal with slim lapels and a two-button jacket situation; no break on the pants. I'm just driving down the European countryside living luxe.  And that's the beauty of brands like Hackett or Paul Smith or Oliver Spencer - they give you the romance needed to sort of fantasize...true aspiration.  I walked by cases of vintage Rolex and Omega watches, bartending kits trimmed in gold and amazing leather goods.  I know what I am, but it's always awesome to lose yourself in what you picture your life to be a few years down the rode.  I mean as much as I love drop crotch and ninja goth life, I plan on rocking a finely tuned British tailored suit to my wedding...and hopefully, driving a car just as sweet as this one away from the ceremony.