The Blogger Project | Del Toro Sole Treatment

There's this guy Matty C, the founder/owner of Del Toro Shoes, I swear this kid makes more shoes than the US Treasury prints dollar bills.  A young man sitting next to me exclaimed, "This dude is making all the shoes you dreamed of making but couldn't afford to produce."  I think we both hit the nail on the head.  Instead of getting jealous, I'm just going to continue to stay excited because after seeing 100 shoe brands each season, produce overlapping idea after idea, it doesn't hurt to get a tour of the unique.

Del Toro has just produced an exclusive sole design for their chukka boots....a mixed coloration sole with varying intervals.  They have also created the speckled sole in two colors.  These are easily two of the newest and coolest things I've seen in a while.  I've included some extra photos of a navy polka dot chukka and Nordic slippers.  I'll always be a fan of a brand that can keep it fun and balance their design with an appreciation for commercial appeal.  I look forward to seeing how Del Toro continues its growth trajectory.