Thoughts | The Supreme Epiphany Clarified, The Rise of the Faith-based Consumer

Interestingly enough, my essay A Supreme Epiphany: The Supreme Prerogative or Universality of Want?, caused a bunch of spin off conversations.  Most of these conversations happened live via Twitter, which was absolutely fun and refreshing.  Thanks to everyone that responded and shared the article.  I had an equally entertaining discussion with a friend who happens to be a fan of Supreme and the whole skate culture scene.  It was actually her questioning my logic and intention that led me to form a more cohesive explanation for my "thesis." You can see the discussion below but I wanted to just reiterate what spawned from the conversation.  Yesterday, I was pontificating on the creation of the faith-based consumer.  Again, I stress this isn't a faith connected to a sentient being.  It is, however, a faith-based in on oasis that encircles an unattainable truth.  When someone yearns for something so much that they'll endure the elements, pay the "opportunity cost," and then shell out hard earned money all in the search for a specific feeling of belonging and possession....that begs of a certain type of faith.

Many of you have rebutted or supported my argument by talking up points that are too superficial for this inquiry.  I'm in search of that mighty derivative.  You are what you eat they say, but are you really?  When you buy that hoodie, or that snapback, or even that skateboard deck...are you really the image that the brand sold you on?  Here's where my point starts to seep in and hopefully you understand it deeper.  Faith causes you to feel as though your money in exchange for merchandise is like a Baptism by Jawnz Coppin'.  This is the faith-based consumer.  This is what makes people camp outside.  I've unlocked that I want to know how do you create that faith in the consumer.

....and, when I find that out..."I'm gone be rich."

Much respect for Supreme, they ended up being a brilliant case study for me.