3.1 Phillip Lim Fall '12 | New York Fashion Week

Before I could stop clapping my hands for Phillip Lim’s fall menswear collection that debuted in Paris two weeks ago, more awe-inspiring clothes came down the runway in New York.  3.1 Phillip Lim’s Fall ‘12 collection for women was not a let down.  Phillip took his signature pattern and brought it to life with some truly amazing knits.  I’m a guy writing about women’s fashion but if you’ll give me leeway, I’d love to try and describe it in one sentence. Phillip Lim designed an elevated and modern collection of cohesive pieces that specifically drummed up made-up buzz phrases like outer-space chic.

While watching the show and snapping pictures I couldn’t help but imagine what types of women could really own these looks; besides the models, of course.  What I can really appreciate about his designs is the ability for these looks to fit the modern woman, but also, easily transfer to the downtown girl.  There was less drape than expected, but the silhouettes allowed for the versatility of pairing different shapes to different looks.  The multi-functionality of many of the pieces not only begs an applause for the “value added” proposition, but it just makes the clothing that much cooler.  ”Wait,….so you’re saying I can wear this chunky knit as a sweater, a giant scarf, or a jacket?”  The answer is yes, Phillip has designed depth into many of his single garments which makes the line that much more exciting to explore and experiment with.  

Now, if I can only get the smoke to follow me around when I’m walking around Manhattan in my 3.1 Phillip Lim attire.

Photography by Justin Bridges