3.1 Phillip Lim S/S 2012: Not Your Usual | Men's Fashion

If you spend enough time on tumblr you’ll go brain dead.  You’ll go brain dead not because there’s just too much to take in, but because when it comes to menswear there’s not enough variety.  From classic Italian men’s tailored clothing to J.Crew looking sartorial shots of models and bloggers littering the tumblr feeds, it’s time to expand horizons.  Menswear is more than the classics; it’s more than the comfort zone assortment.  Menswear is about taking a leap of faith; it’s about experimentation.  That is true about menswear and that is true about fashion.  Before I lose you, although, statisically - I already have (TOO MUCH TEXT, PEOPLE ARE LAZY) - I want to talk briefly about 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Let me not pull any wool over your eyes.  I don’t know many guys who dress adventurously, with a couple exceptions…including myself and maybe one or two other guys.  Adventure and experimentation at the vanguard of fashion has quite honestly been left up to men who don’t worry about inquiries into their sexuality.  This movement of menswear has largely been a movement of the average man finally caring about putting thought into his wardrobe and the fit of his suits and shirts.  This has not been some overtly avant-garde push for men to dress on the edge of normalcy.  I personally think that men should try harder, and Phillip Lim is one designer giving us the opportunity.  Anybody can learn how to wear a blazer with jeans and sockless monk strap suede shoes…it takes a lot more learning and a lot more mistakes to figure out how to pull off ruched green acid-washed shorts or a sleeveless banded-collared shirt.  All I’m saying is, once you have the basics down, let’s not forget what fashion really is and it’s place in our lives.  I think you’ll appreciate this collection for the change of pace and the cool.

The print and the contrast collar makes this a favorite for me

I love his take on the lightweight anorak

Orange is an amazing color, and it makes this tuxedo jacket versatile

I can’t explain the fabrication but it feels so weird but so cool

I would love to layer this shirt up with some denim

Printed denim.  Need I say more?

Yes, that’s right,….this leather comes with alternative bad ass style settings

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Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC