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Blair Smith x Justin Bridges - Shoe Game

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Blair!  This post conquers about 3 or 4 things I love: 1) good friends; 2) good food; 3) unique shoes; and 4) attention.  I’m not going to talk up each one of them, but I think you’ll get what I mean once I’m done with this post.  I’m currently watching 24, with my favorite guy Jack Bauer…so please excuse me if I get a tad bit distracted.

As you can see, we started this impromptu photo shoot by filling our bellies with some of the most scrumptious home cooking I’ve had the pleasure of tasting since moving to the wonderful city of New York.  I love the opportunity to identify unique things.  Food is one of them, and although my palette is decidedly allergic to most foods, I still manage to find the comfort food and some great friends to enjoy it with.

Pictured above is one of my closest buddies, Blair Smith.  We’ve known each other since our days at American University, in Washington DC, but never hung out until….say two or three months ago.  Funny how things work their way out.  I’ve included him in this post because I love his style.  It’s chill, hipster, individual, and free.  He is one of my few friends I get some inspiration from.  He reminds me of what it means to be have simple, fun style.  The kind of stuff that doesn’t take much thinking but allows you to make your statement heard nonetheless.

Quick note: LOW COUNTRY is currently my favorite restaurant! $6 for a PBR + shot of Bourbon, any time.

Blair Smith x Justin Bridges - Low Country

Justin Bridges - 37

Justin Bridges - 38a

Justin Bridges - 39a

Let’s talk shoes shall we.  Not too long ago, I wrote a dandy little article about a new shoe designer…can you recall that name that was hard to pronounce? It was Dragan Mrdja.  He makes some killer kicks, and well, I got my hands on fine cobalt blue wingtips.  Now, this is the point of the article where we talk shoes and attention.  I’ve always found that unique shoes draw attention…so does walking a beautiful dog.  Nonetheless, cobalt is such a gorgeous color that people can’t help but do a double take.  I find it’s best to pair vibrant shoes with a more subtle outfit, as to not yell at people’s eyes. This lovely day, my oxfords were teamed up with some blue trousers and a workwear shirt. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I also dumped a pocket square in the back pocket as well. Nothing like a modernized outfit with some hints and touches of old school grunge.  Even if it isn’t the clearest of messages.

Justin Bridges - 40

Justin Bridges Wearing Dragan Mrdja

I’m trying to find multiple words to describe these shoes but I can’t stop typing and deleting and retyping the word “beautiful.”  I was able to get some extra shoelaces, and each tone works really well for different stylistic moods.  I’m impressed most by the color of the shoes, but there is a warmth and architecture about these puppies that is solidified by its woody feeling.  Legitimately, these shoes were made by an architect and they look like an exquisite piece of furniture for the feet. If you aren’t sold yet, I’m not sure what else to day.  “Get you some!

Dragan Mrdja Cobalt Wingtips - 1


Tucked’s Clothing: Workwear shirt by Uniqlo, Trousers by rag & bone, Shoes by Dragan Mrdja, Belt by Urban Outfitters, Bandana is vintage (via Quality Mending Co), Watch by Fossil, Sunglasses by Ray-ban

Blair’s Clothing: Crewneck shirt with pocket by Our Legacy, Trousers by rag & bone, Shoes by Sunny Sports, Socks by LL Bean, Sunglasses by Ray-ban, Rucksack by Vans x Filson (collaboration)

Dragan Mrdja Cobalt Wingtips - 2

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