Blanco "Color Splash" Summer 2011 Campaign | Women's Fashion


Color is captivating.  There’s nothing like the tango or foxtrot that you are drawn into by the dance of color crossing your vision.  Often times, color is most talked about during the spring and summer.  That’s rather unfortunate because I think color has a shelf life and importance throughout the year.  It sends quite a livelier message when the rest of the world is dressing down with upside down smiles trying to survive the cold.  I’m going through all this to tell you how happy I was to come across the Blanco campaign.  Let’s talk about it!

Blanco has entitled this campaign a “Color Splash,” but I would argue this a dousing; a drowning by color, if you will.  No complaints, I absolutely love the story.  You’ve got color blocking on acid.  I’m really big on hints of style and detail; so, I’m incredibly elated about color being accentuated by socks and bags…belts and bangles.  Blanco has mastered the use of stripes and prints in this collection which takes the fun of mixing and matching to a new level.  I really get excited by the consistency of the message.  There isn’t one shot in this campaign that contradicts or misleads. Watermelon reds, hot pinks, and electric oranges, this assortment is just plain fun.  As usual, I talk about how there is so much to say but I won’t say it.  But when you’re truly excited about something…at times you just want to let the evidence speak louder than your words ever can.  Enjoy the collection…it’s incredible.














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