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It took me no time to rush over to the Brooklyn Flea Market once the weather improved a bit.  I’ve always been hesitant about leaving the island of Manhattan, and I don’t know why.  Amazingly, this trip to the flea market was probably only my 4th or so time in Brooklyn since moving to New York three years ago.  I’m glad I’ve since moved past that Manhattan-centric stage of my life.

Two Sundays ago, I made the pilgrimage out to the Williamsburg location on North 6 St between Kent Ave. and the East River.  There were so many people.  So many people in fact, that I overheard people talking about the ATM’s in proximity were out of cash.  Perfect, I only had $20 in my pocket - great way to maintain a budget!  Alas, here are some of the cool things that caught my eye…and I didn’t even take a picture of everything!

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Brooklyn Flea Market 3

The guy running this shop had tons of vintage electronics, from cameras to typewriters.  I find it very intriguing to look at the old ways of recording life and creativity.  It was kind of cool that the labels for the typewriters were accompanied with old pinup photographs.  Hey, they say sex sells.

Brooklyn Flea Market 4

Bracelets and other accessories made out of reclaimed vinyl by WrecordsByMonkey

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“Where fashion art and music collide,” reads one of the bracelets made by WrecordsByMonkey.  The accessories and things are made of reclaimed vinyl which is pretty awesome if you ask me.  They actually have a truly interesting and innovative story along with some killer design projects.  Make sure you visit their web site.

Brooklyn Flea Market 9

Leather goods and other cool fashion pieces created by designer/owner Ryan Greer of Flux.

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Brooklyn Flea Market 11

I’m a big connoisseur of shoes that look different, but still retain a degree of sophistication. I ran into this booth and was excited to see the zebra printed oxfords.  The color is great and the shoes are funky, but classy.  I’m also a sucker for authentic looking leather goods and bags.  As you can see, Flux offers a nice sampling of all my favorites!

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Never one to avoid words, especially ones that can evoke some true thought and emotion, I made my way to a poetry booth.  I didn’t really crack any open, and I’m not familiar with any of the poets…let’s just say I haven’t been reading poetry lately…I tend to just write my own stuff and never look back.  But, needless to say, there were a lot of intriguing titles and covers that piqued my interest.  I’ll be back!

Brooklyn Flea Market 15

Awesome vintage finds, including spectacles, clothing, and bags, by Interwoven Vintage (Hironori Yonekawa and Ikutaka Nishiyama)

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Brooklyn Flea Market 17

Brooklyn Flea Market 18

Brooklyn Flea Market 19

This was my favorite booth to explore.  I think everything was vintage, but I know everything was incredible.  The ties at the bottom were my favorite.  I purchased one and you’ll see it in a shoot I did this past weekend!  These skinny vintage ties are rarities in the increasingly modern world. I’ve added the coat and bag to my Wanted List, and if any one really loves me out there…you’ll hunt it down and gift it to me.  Only half joking on that one…

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