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Mood Board Week 5

Life can be stressful, and especially so when you are going hard in a career with little time to look up from your “cubicle” (or whatever confines you). You’ve heard of beauty sleep…well don’t forget style fuel.  I really don’t think you can approach style without an organic blend of many of life’s elements.  Working hard is admirable, respectful, and it pays the bills.  But…the downside is, the rest of this thing called life passes you by…you ultimately suffer.

I often swear I’d rather party myself into the ground then work my way there.  I think it’s safe to say it all must have a balance. I do think it is dangerous to adhere to an “everything in moderation” policy with regards to fun.  You need to find the thing that yields you the most satisfaction and make that your life.  That way you don’t have to sit around being a stiff.  Stop taking yourself so seriously, I guarantee you if you are, there’s like 5-6 people that you work with that are talking about you behind your back. Hey, it’s just life…but I’m telling you, get the promotion the fulfilling way, not the painful, miserable, hate-your-job way.  This post is for all of us that get lost in the rat race every once in a while!

The inspiration below is nothing new, or at least it shouldn’t be for my regular readers.  It isn’t about distracting yourself completely.  It is about clearing out some of the junk in your life, eeking out some work efficiency (i.e. save time), and engaging the passionate parts of your personality in new ways that will cause your neurons to start working in overdrive.  Whether it is taking in the arts, traveling across the seas to distant lands, or picking up a hobby, you need something so try it all.  Put together the group dinner, buy tickets to a show, and you know what, don’t get all dressed up every time…pop some flare into the wardrobe, a dash of life into your neutral color palette.  Style isn’t about showing that you belong to some upper crust of folks, or that you are some sort of new age rebel…it is about sending a message but whatever it is, make it fun.  Don’t make it draining, uncomfortable, or lifeless.  Follow your heart, don’t follow some grandiose idea.  You can make fun of my style if it helps…I don’t care because I have fun with it, I’m going to live a long time (if the partying doesn’t catch up)!

Magnifying Glass - Cupcakesandcashmere

Pick up a book, style isn’t limited to fabrics…text sheds the unseen (Source: Cupcakes & Cashmere)

Lauren Santo Domingo's Apt - Becauseimaddicted

Imagine the things that can give you the distraction you need right in your own house! No Internet, that’s cheating! (Source: Becauseimaddicted)

VintageScrabble - fashionising

I love some NBA 2k11 on PS3…but I also love a good game that sharpens the intellect and buffs the polish of my diction (Source: Fashionising)

Card Games - Milk/Signe

My iPhone rarely escapes my line of sight, but doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a little UNO or Spades between text messages instead of work…card games go great with umm…martini’s? (Source: Milk/Signe)

Ceiling Art - bleachblack

The Arts always leave me with inspiration and unlocked corners of my brain…the more unique and uncommon the exhibit the better…check out this ceiling art (Source: BleachBlack)

Transit Map - Vanillascented

Setting a course away from the planner and blackberry (Source: VanillaScented)

Paris Carousel - Freepeople

Hey, let’s just get away! And not just on fashion week…Au Revoir! (Source: Free People)

Paris - Freepeople

This is just one of many lawns I wouldn’t mind napping on, drinking on, or picnicking on (Source: Free People)

Bondi - garancedore

Fun in the sun = no brainer (Source: Garance Dore)

Prague - Vanillascented

I can not wait to explore the colors and structures of worlds I’ve yet to meet (Source: VanillaScented)

LF Lookbook - Knighttcat

Cuttin’ loose… (Source: Knighttcat)

Dinner at Cavalli - Afterdrk

Enjoying a full stomach via laughter and friendship, done… (Source: Afterdrk)

LF Lookbook - Knighttcat

Or straight pig outs in the hotel room without the calorie counter sounding alarms in your head (Source: Knighttcat)

telegr - Fashiontoast

Stylishly casual, taking on the world even after you’ve clocked out (Source: Fashion Toast)

Cuff Buttons - Becauseimaddicted

Being daring starts becoming easy, fun is primary to style (Source: Becauseimaddicted)

Cavalli Show - Carolinesmode

But remember…never forget what we hustle for…FASHION (Source: Caroline’s Mode)

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