Extreme Layers, I'm a Fan of Overdoing Things | Mood Board Week 4

Tucked Mood Board Week 4

We’ve talked about chunky knits and layering before, I know, I know.  But it is fall/winter and it isn’t going to end any time soon (meaning tomorrow), so it’s still inspiring to see it done right.  People familiar with me know that I sometimes speak in extremes to prove a point.  I don’t think it stops there.  My eyes, not different from anybody else’s, get more excited when things are more vivid, extreme, or right in front of my face.  Hence bringing us to the title of this post regarding “overdoing things.”  It is one thing to rock multiple thin layers that get lost upon the eyes of an external spectator.  It is another ballgame to layer with attitude.  A disregard for attention-getting, just plain old pile-on-until-your-happy type layering.  That reminds me, I use a lot of hyphenated words because I create my own adjective statements.  Note to self, reduce that.

Ladies, this post is largely for you because I haven’t addressed women’s style in a little while.  Number one, texture wins the day.  It isn’t just about the fabric, sometimes it’s about the weave of the yarn.  Check out the first young lady with a crocheted sweater, the colors are vibrant!  Colors should tell a story, so don’t always jump immediately into all the colors at once, that’s usually done best with one simple statement (and no more than that, keep the rest neutral).  Other than that, don’t be afraid to include some pop into your wardrobe during the dreary months, it’ll put pop in your step too.

Some times wearing chunky knits and bubble coats and whatever else you have waiting in the closet can be a bit cumbersome.  I get bothered with my larger knits because it’s hard to put a tailor-fitted coat over bulky garments.  Try layering in lots of lightweight complimentary pieces made of heat trapping ingredients.  Fight the battle smarter and lighter, not heavier and bulkier.  I know it is important to keep that sexy silhouette even though you’d rather call in sick for work and skip the outdoors.

Lastly, experimentation trumps all advice.  When I give advice to new photographers I always say at the end of a session, “Whatever you do you need to take the camera with you, and shoot all the time.”  It isn’t about walking out of the house with a new combination every time at bat.  What it is about is combining different patterns, colors, textures, and types of garments to see all the varying combinations you would have never expected.  Doing the expected gets boring, so trying to push the boundaries now and again will excite you and shock-and-awe your sense of style.  You will forever be improved as your mind opens that much wider.

Overlayering Moodboard from Chictopia

I love a good color palette, even if it means the entire color wheel! (Source: Chictopia, click to vote)

Overlayering Moodboard from Chictopia

Mixing the fabrics, go for it…denim is a good compliment for many-a-pieces (Source: Chictopia, click to vote)

Overlayering Moodboard from Chictopia

Layering different cottons is a good way to add heat without suffocating (Source: Chictopia, click to vote)

Overlayering Moodboard from Chictopia

A good parka requires not much more, but we’re glad she did more with a waffle-y sweater and faux fur hat (Source: Chictopia, click to vote)

Overlayering Moodboard from Chictopia

She’s fast becoming one of my favorites with pleated pants…and a great full length cardigan with jacket (Source: Chictopia, click to vote)

Overlayering Moodboard from Mr.Newton

You can still wear the lightweight gear if you cover it up in commute. Wonderful florals accompanied with knit jersey top and insulated coat (Source: Mr. Newton)

Overlayering Moodboard from Sartorialist

Not sure if I can explain everything she’s doing, but my eyes are pleased and the style gods are happy - definition of having fun and not taking Self too seriously (Source: The Sartorialist)

Overlayering Moodboard from Sartorialist

Cute story about The Sartorialist’s assistant learning to layer attached to this picture. I’d say she’s getting the hang of it, lovely. (Source: The Sartorialist)

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