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Vintage Brogues - Bag

I have clearly shopped more than I’ve posted about shopping, so my fault people!  It can be cumbersome to document occasional shopping trips or mishaps (since they aren’t in the budget) when you have so many other pictures to get through.  Needless to say, I couldn’t let the opportunity to talk about this recent vintage prize go by.  It actually wasn’t the only thing I bought from the store, but I decided to just pay tribute to the shoes only. Besides, I buy ties left and right, so it isn’t anything new. Wait I buy everything left and right….so nevermind, I just didn’t remember to take pictures of the tie and shoelaces.  You will see them in one of my style updates.

Moving on. I was walking through Soho and the surrounding area on my way to a trunk show at Ferality in the LES.  I stopped by a vintage store I discovered a couple of months ago.  I mostly stopped  by for the vintage knit ties. I don’t know how they find so many but the price is incredibly right.  I bought a bright red full-width knit tie first.  I figured, well if I use my debit card now, I won’t feel obligated again to spend in the same place.  Lies…I decided to look around.  I saw a pretty cool vintage Woolrich flannel jacket-shirt but that wasn’t on my non-existent shopping list; pressing on… I made my way towards the back of the store where tons of dress shoes loitered the shelves close to the floor.  I usually have trouble fitting vintage shoes; I’m guessing people were smaller back in the day?  I spotted a 10.5, although my true size is an 11.  I figured why not try it on, you never know, plus I’m wearing socks so no harm, no foul.  I slipped on the beat up brogue (which is how I appreciate them) and like magic, was instantly happy.  Even the store associate complimented on the cohesion of the unsold product with my style.  Sold!

Here is the thing about vintage shoes: 1) They have immense character, a timeline of instant history; 2) I’m on 25 and I don’t have time to wait for all my clothes to age gracefully.  Need I mention, it is an inexpensive way to add some variety to your shoe selection.  I was so happy about these puppies, that I rallied them to do a couple of tricks.  Check out the video after the pictures!

Details of the Purchase:

Make - Any labels are worn out, but they look and feel like Alden’s

Color - Dark auburn, or something close to that

Quality - Leather soles with wooden heels; leather cracked on toes and heels from age, wear, and likely a lapse in care; laces almost destroyed; no glue in the construction, these are workhorses

Size - 10.5

Price - $68

Find - Quality Mending Co., formerly known as Eleven Vintage (See more on the store, including pictures here: MoodBoard)

Vintage Brogues - Shoes

Vintage Brogues - Cracked

Vintage Brogues - Heels

Vintage Brogues - Shoe Laces

Vintage Brogues - Store Card

Short film (my first so be kind, plus new camera):

Thanks for checking out my wasteful habits. If you are shopping in Manhattan, make sure you check out the store for lots of cool finds and they manufacture some of their own stuff!


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